Legend of the Muse (2020) - A Review

Life can be hard for an artist. Trying to make ends meet while getting your work seen and appreciated can be quite the struggle. So it helps if you have a good support system. Just hopefully not one of the killer entity variety. Unfortunately, that's what happens to Adam in the new film Legend of the Muse.

A painter's life is changed forever when a mythical and deadly spirit from Celtic lore becomes his muse and lover.

Legend of the Muse stars Riley Egan as Adam, an introverted painter who begins having visions of an angelic beauty, played by Elle Evans, who gives him the inspiration he needs to become the caliber of artist he's always dreamed of becoming, but with a deadly price.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to view this film from the good folks over at Dark Coast, and I could not be more thankful, because this was a supremely excellent film. A darkly amorous tale of love, passion and death put together rather terrifically by writer/director John Burr in his first full length feature. I have seen many horror films, but few that carry such a romantic feel throughout the proceedings, so special kudos to him.

He is aided wonderfully by his cast, specifically Egan as Adam, who perfectly conveys the awkward loneliness of the introverted artist, as well as the growing confidence that comes with success and protection, and Evans as the titular character, who without speaking a word, delivers a incredible blend of beautiful elegance and absolute terror whenever she is on screen. Bravo.

The rest of the cast perform commendably. Kate Mansi as Maria, Lou Ferrigno Jr. as Jason, Max Decker as Hector, Phil Abrams as Lance, and Jennie Fahn as Valerie all commit well to their roles and make for a very impressive cast.

But I know what you're all thinking: does it deliver as a horror film? The answer is yes, ladies and gentlemen. Very much so. The slow burn of the story leads to insuperable tension and dread later on in the film, but in the meantime, we get some excellent blood splatter along the way. And when I say blood splatter, I mean blood SPLATTER.

Multiple times we get aerial sprays of blood, severed limbs, opened up stomachs, slit throats. Wonderful gory goods. So if you're into that sort of thing, this one will make your day.

All in all, I really enjoyed this dark fairytale romance story. I really appreciated the level of quality filmmaking, storytelling, and acting, and I think you will too. So, if you ever get the chance to check it out, please do. I thoroughly recommend it.

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