Camp Twilight (2020) - A Review

The slasher genre has seen many highs and lows over the years. Highs like Halloween and Friday the 13th, lows like Halloween (2007) and Friday the 13th (2009). And everything in between, which most likely leads the genre entries into the hundreds. Quite frankly, you can say the slasher genre has been done to death (pun intended), so what is there new to offer?

Well, a new film attempts to bring life to the genre, a new film called Camp Twilight, starring horror movie icon Felissa Rose, as well as a few others. So, how does it do? Let's find out!

After discovering they are at risk of failing to graduate, 6 students agree to a weekend camping trip for extra credit. Led by their teachers, Ms. Bloom and Mr. Warner, the students arrive at Camp Twilight and discover its past. The park has a dangerous and notorious history, and the students soon discover these stories are more than just urban legends. After a series of "accidents", the remaining group discovers they are being hunted and must stick together to survive CAMP TWILIGHT.

First, onto the good points: the cast of the movie, specifically Felissa as Ms. Bloom, are great. Felissa, who also co-wrote the script, lights up the screen whenever she's on it. Full of bubbly energy and charm, she is an absolute delight.

The rest of the cast, complete with a lot of familiar faces, also put on a good show. Linnea Quigley, Vernon Wells, Camille Keaton, Dave Sheridan, Tracy Lear, and Jessica Cameron all pop up to lend their impeccable talents to the proceedings, while the younger cast members, namely Brooklyn Halsey, Dondre Tuck, and Angela Gluchowski all do fine in their roles.

The script also has a lot of clever ideas. There were quite a few moments where I found myself going "Oh, that's different." It's nice to see that the older slasher genre still has a few tricks left.

Now, onto the bad: the direction leaves a lot to be desired. While there are a couple of scenes that convey a real eeriness to them, director Brandon Amelotte gives the film a flat look that makes the obvious low budget even more noticeable. Also, there were quite a few stalk scenes that just begged for a great musical score that would enhance the sequence, but alas, none came.

Most disappointing are the death scenes. While there is definitely a lot of blood spilling, which is fine, the lack of real gore was a little dispiriting. I'm not saying that a slasher film needs gore to make it work, but it sure does help in the long run. It is what it is.

All in all, this was a moderate slasher film that with a little extra tightening and creativity behind the camera, could've been a bit more effective. But I'll say it's worth a look for Felissa Rose's great performance. And that's my two cents.

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