Welcome To Behind the Screams.

We are a horror podcast based out of Scotland. Our aim is to bring you quality analysis and opinion of horror cinema, television, novels, video games and more.

We released our first episode in November 2019 and have now published more than 100 episodes covering some of your favourite movies and some hidden gems too.

Hosted by 3 friends (Ian, Lucy & Lindsay), we commit to bringing you in-depth and comprehensive analysis of all things horror and more.

We also have a youtube channel where you can find bonus content with our tech expert dave and even more bonus content on our patreon with music expert nico.



Ian Forrest


I am the main host but I am also editor, owner, publicist, jack of all trades of the Behind The Screams Podcast.

I studied history & politics at university and am currently studying media & communications and have a background in hospitality.

Late in 2019 I decided to start my very own Horror Review Podcast to share my love for horror (which started at age 6). Thus Behind The Screams was born. 


"This podcast is informational and I love the movies that are chosen. The hosts are passionate about the genre and shed new light on movies I’ve already seen"

Jazz9685345 (Apple Podcast)

"I loved the most recent episode I listened to Gerald’s Game. I can’t get enough of horror podcasts and horror movie podcast and this definitely scratches that itch!"

German Assassin (Apple Podcast)

"Behind the Screams is absolutely my go to horror podcast! The movie reviews are fantastic, but what makes it even better are the personalities. It's fun and exciting to listen to with some banter inbetween. I highly recommend all horror fans to listen!"

LoriiRose (Apple Podcast)